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"In many ways, the need to change or update rituals and practices, like the observance of Columbus Day, is not so different from the way we, as Jews, need to examine and understand our own Jewish rituals, and figure out which ones make sense to keep and which ones need updating or adapting." 

When I picture Christopher Columbus, I picture this boat, and I recall the story I learned as a child in public school – a story of celebration, freedom and new beginnings.  But that is not the story we know today, and it is certainly not what many of our children are learning in school in the 21st century.
Today, our children are taught that Christopher Columbus did not discover America nor Canada, and the real settlers were ignored in history until recently. Education professors in universities and school teachers across the country are now teaching the real story of the discovery of America, one that definitely turns the nice old story of three ships and a lovely man in a hat on its head.
So why do we still observe Columbus Day as a national holiday in the United States? Why are there still Columbus Day celebrations and plays in elementary schools? Why are there parades recognizing and honoring Christopher Columbus? 

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